Tore Andersen

Tore Andersen: Singer and songwriter

Right around the corner

Tore Andersen's third album was finally released in 2009. And it met all the expectations!

Øyvind Rønning, Dagbladet, 16.03.2009: Tore Andersen is soon the only traditional country artist in Norway that is not targeting the gas station audience. It is actually 11 years since his latest album, and that says something about his demand for decency ... For that reason he is supported by top quality session musicians ... well performed workmanship ... the album is very proper ...

Stein Østbø, VG, 17.03.2009: Since the early nineties Tore has been one of the two Andersens in Norwegian music with voices out of the ordinary ... the time must come for Tore Andersen now ... Andersen's voice is warm, generous and very pleasant, he writes good songs .... and the sound is flavoured by organic spices of the most successful type. Check out this guy!

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Right around the corner (2009)


  1. Right around the corner (Tore Andersen/John Reynolds)
  2. Jamie (Tore Andersen/Martin Hagfors)
  3. Goodbye blues (Tore Andersen/Karren Pell/Michael Woody)
  4. I wish the snow would keep falling (Tore Andersen)
  5. Montgomery Train (Tore Andersen/Karren Pell)
  6. A stop along the way (Tore Andersen)
  7. Howling in the dark (Tore Andersen/Suzanna Spring)
  8. Little Red Car (Tore Andersen/Tim Krekel)
  9. Good days and bad days (Tore Andersen/Richard Dobson)
  10. Cowboy at heart (Tore Andersen/Tom Russell)
  11. The train left town (Tore Andersen)
  12. Whenever I fell in love (Tore Andersen/Steven McClintock/Ottar Johansen)
  13. Ain't life sweet (Tore Andersen)


  • Tore Andersen


  • Anders Rensvik: Viola
  • Egon Olsen: Background vocals
  • Einar Torbjørnsen: Keyboards
  • Ernst Nikolaisen: Guitars
  • Geir Otnes: Accordion
  • Henning Antonsen: Steel guitar
  • Hilde Heltberg: Background vocals
  • Knut Ragnar Hem: Dobro
  • Kyrre Sætran: Bass
  • Lars Håvard Haugen: Guitars
  • Lina Marie Årnes: Violin
  • Lise Sørensen: Violin
  • Ottar Johansen: Background vocals
  • Paal Flaata: Vocals ("Goodbye blues")
  • Steinar Albrigtsen: Vocals ("Cowboy at heart")
  • Terje Kinn: Banjo
  • Tore Andersen: Vocals, Guitars, Background vocals, Keyboards, Mandolin
  • Tove M.F.Erikstad: Cello
  • Trond Augland: Drums, Percussion
  • Øystein Fosshagen: Mandolin, Fiddle