Tore Andersen

Tore Andersen: Singer and songwriter

Tore Andersen

This is Tore's second album. We had to wait five years, it was released in 1998.

Øyvind Rønning, Dagbladet, 29.09.1998: Tore Andersen's biggest advantage is his decency and his voice ... a rock solid product with excellent - and mainly his own - songs, and great musical workmanship ... Andersen is still one of our best songwriters and performers within the country and western genre.

Stein Østbø, VG, 21.10.1998: From Stjørdal, Tore Andersen made his debut five years ago with soft country & western. His has now fine tuned his musical expression and cultivated his singer/songwriter style - with great success ... Tore Andersen sings with a strong and warm voice, and he writes very good songs ... this record is a pearl.

Tore Andersen (1998)


  1. Hard water (Tore Andersen)
  2. A little love (goes a long way) (Tore Andersen)
  3. Between two rivers (Tore Andersen/Tom Russell)
  4. If I had the heart (Tore Andersen/Martin Hagfors)
  5. The willowtree (Tore Andersen/Karren Pell)
  6. By the light of the moon (Tore Andersen)
  7. Blue, blue day (Don Gibson)
  8. Two lane highway (Tore Andersen/Henning Klevmark/Bill Booth)
  9. Bad news (Tore Andersen)
  10. Silverado (Tore Andersen)
  11. Nothing left to loose (Tore Andersen/Karren Pell)
  12. Harbour for my heart (Tore Andersen/Karren Pell)


  • Tore Andersen
  • Jørun Bøgeberg
  • Ottar Johansen


  • Anders Engen: Drums
  • Arne Skage Jr: Slide guitar
  • Bent Egil Hanssen: Keyboards
  • Claudia Scott: Background vocals
  • Egon Olsen: Background vocals
  • Geir Otnes: Accordion
  • Jørun Bøgeberg: Bass, Guitars, Background vocals
  • Johanna Demker: Background vocals
  • Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim: Keyboards
  • Knut Hem: Weisenborn
  • Kristin Alsos Strand: Cello
  • Lars Håvard Haugen: Guitars
  • Ottar Johansen: Background vocals
  • Terje Nohr Olsen: Guitars, Slide Guitar
  • Tore Andersen: Vocals, Guitars, Background vocals