Tore Andersen

Tore Andersen: Singer and songwriter

The hero in me

This is Tore Andersen's first album. It was released in 1993.

Torbjørn Foss, Stjørdalens Blad, 3 mars 2003: He is an excellent guitar player, he has a true country & western voice, he has a remarkable reputation among c/w artists, and he has given us a very good album ... Tore Andersen may have the best country & western voice in Norway. And that is not a bad testimonial!

Oddvar Nygård, Nordlys/NRK: You may just as well remember his name right now. In my humble opinion, within his genre he is one of the best singers in the kingdom, fantastic voice, lots of punch, excellent delivery, a so much feeling that I will actually call it "soul". His singing almost makes me gasp for air, and I have heard a few singers!

The hero in me (1993)


  1. Back to lovin' me again (Tore Andersen/Karren Pell)
  2. Hearts (they fall in love) (Tore Andersen)
  3. I believe (Tore Andersen)
  4. Motel Blues (Tore Andersen/Tom Russell)
  5. Walking over this heart of mine (Tore Andersen)
  6. Watching the snow (Tore Andersen/Karren Pell)
  7. You don't know a thing about love (Tore Andersen/Michael Woody)
  8. High on love (Tore Andersen)
  9. The hero in me (Tore Andersen)
  10. Haunted by a memory (Tore Andersen/Karren Pell)
  11. She'll be leaving in the morning (Tore Andersen)
  12. The fool I am (Tore Andersen/Tom Russell)


  • Bruce Bouton
  • Ottar "Big Hand" Johansen


  • Biff Watson: Guitars
  • Bobby Wood: Keyboards
  • Brent Mason: Guitars
  • Bruce Bouton: Steel guitar
  • Curtis Young: Background vocals
  • David Hungate: Bass
  • Geln Duncan: Fiddle
  • Gray Prim: Keyboards
  • Jerry Douglas: Dobro
  • Larry Paxton: Bass
  • Lasse Hafreager: Keyboards
  • Milton Sledge: Drums
  • Ottar "Big Hand" Johansen: Background vocals
  • Reggie Young: Guitars
  • Richard Bennett: Guitars
  • Steve Gibson: Guitars
  • Terry McMillan: Mouth organ, Percussion
  • Tore Andersen: Guitars, Vocals, Background vocals
  • Wayland Patton: Background vocals